Miss South Dakota USA

Abigail Merschman

Miss South Dakota USA 2019

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The first pageant Abby Merschman decided to enter, ended with her being crowned the new Miss South Dakota USA 2019. Abby isn't new to the stage, her childhood and young adult years she eagerly pursued a future within the singing and acting industry. "I was hopeful of moving to Los Angeles after winning 1st runner-up singer & actress of the year at the IMTA (International Models & Talent Association) 2017," she explained. "It solidified that this was a career I wanted to pursue."

After being rushed to the emergency room with crippling stomach pain, Abby discovered she had a disorder within the female organs called endometriosis. She is hopeful to use her year to advocate for women's health. "I always knew something wasn't quite right," she said, "but looking back, I never spoke up to the extent that was needed."

Abby wants to educate on the various risks of not catching endometriosis soon enough, but most importantly, to speak up if something doesn't feel right. Due to her diagnosis, her dreams of Los Angeles were put on hold, but she found another passion shortly after her first surgery with Endo.

"I taught myself everything I could about digital marketing in the time I had at home resting." Once treatments started to improve her health, Abby was hired as the digital content specialist for Montgomery's furniture. Her new career following has taught her the principles of web design, e-commerce, and social media marketing. She says her new endeavors gave her the confidence to compete for the title.

She stays busy while also finishing her journalism degree at South Dakota State, and writing for her own website 'Shaped Sovereignty'. During her free time, she enjoys all things outdoors from riding horses to wake-boarding.

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